Warehousing: It’s more than Storage

product warehousingIn today’s highly competitive business environment, inventory control is a vital part of your business. Having an effective warehouse, one that’s under the control of a conscientious staff and a cost-efficient management system, underscores the need for a facility that does more than simply store finished goods. In addition to its broad range of manufacturing capabilities, JB Plastics provides critical inbound functions that prepare items for storage and key outbound functions that consolidate, pack and ship orders. [Read more…]

Excellence in Fulfillment

Product FulfillmentAccording to The Supply Chain Council, perfect order fulfillment is defined as “the percentage of orders meeting delivery performance with complete and accurate documentation and no delivery damage.” When customers order a product, a smooth running fulfillment team can make all the difference between “sour and satisfaction.” In addition to full service manufacturing, JB Plastics handles all the details involved in timely fulfillment—everything from taking orders to product delivery. And, truth be told, fulfillment is the last thing a customer will remember about you. [Read more…]

5 Keys to Product Distribution Success

Product DistributionThe efficient and timely distribution of products is vital in this day and age. Products need to move at the “speed of business,” and that means seamlessly from warehouse to receiving dock. No delays, no surprises, no excuses. The fact is distribution expense—those costs related to transporting, storing, and delivering products to customers—comprise a major expense for most businesses. In many instances, distribution costs can exceed ten percent of gross sales. To succeed in this area, a company must provide what the client wants, while maintaining efficiencies that keep distribution costs in line. Specifically, a cost effective distribution organization must try to do the following: [Read more…]

Today’s Advanced Tool Making Processes

Complex multi-cavity moldTool making involves the manufacture and servicing of the mold tools used to make a wide variety of plastic parts. The goal is to provide quality mold tools that produce products that meet or exceed a customer’s expectations. These tools must be designed and built to the highest standards, and they must be properly maintained between runs.

For toolmakers, plastic injection tool making often runs on a “roller-coaster” schedule of busy one moment and slow the next. This is the nature of the industry and successful toolmakers have learned to adapt to these ups and downs. Tools are typically designed in 3D using advanced CAD systems, which cuts down on design times and enables toolmakers to design highly complicated parts. [Read more…]

What to Expect from a Plastic Injection Molding Company

injection-molding-machineNot all plastic injection-molding companies are alike. Some offer certain specific services; others provide a complete range of services and a full breadth of capabilities.

Custom injection molding uses precise tooling to create plastic models that fit your exact specifications. A custom injection mold is created to produce the precise size and shape needed for the particular product you need. Once the custom injection mold is approved, the plastic is heated to the most efficient injection temperature. High-pressure tools then insert the plastic at specified rates for the best result. The plastic product is then cooled to its finished form and ready for quality control inspection. Once the product passes QC, it is properly packed and shipped to the customer. [Read more…]